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Rabbit Pedigree Compiler Updates

Click here to download the new 3.3 version update
(when prompted, choose "Open" and unzip the files to your Pedigree Compiler folder. Usually C:\Program Files\Techno Guy Computers\Rabbit Pedigree Compiler)

Fixed in this update:
- The Access Violation error that could occur when opening more than one of the same file type at a time should be fixed.
- Font alterations should apply correctly.
- The "Winnings" line on a Pedigree shouldn't grow to abnormal lengths when linking to a Rabbit file.
- The Pedigree Compiler and Rabbit Editor tools now share a common aspect ratio with regard to rabbit pictures. The pixel dimensions for those pictures are also now clearly represented.
- A resizing issue with open forms that could cause incorrect print-outs has been fixed.

New in this update:
- MyRabbitry can now contain contact information and is linkable to Pedigrees.
- Open Windows can now be cascaded to avoid losing track of them. Direct access to open windows via menu should be coming in a later update.
- The black gridlines on Pedigrees can now be turned on and off. User can thus use their own grid image if they like, or none at all.
- The Help file has been updated for the new changes.

If you identify any other bugs/problems or have a suggestion for new features, please e-mail me at Travers@technoguycomputers.com