Welcome to Techno Guy Computers. Your friendly, neighborhood virus slayer.

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Sites built by the Techno Guy
Westside Pioneer Online
Planescape Survival Guide
Harry Potter Comics
The Intemann Trail Committee
Colorado Kite and Ski
Lowenstein Chiropractice
Quite Nice
Goldie's Curve Ball
Laura Belle's (this is only an
    unpublished example)

Iron Impressions


Hello and welcome to Techno Guy Computers,
your friendly, neighborhood virus slayer for the Colorado Spring's Westside!

I can repair most computer hardware and software problems for a fraction of the cost of the big-name outfits. I also set up new systems, upgrade existing ones, build computers and networks, set up Point of Sale systems, hook up and (usually) repair printers. I also offer Website design services and custom software development.

Located on the Colorado Springs Westside since 2004, I do house-call computer maintenance all over town, even as far as Woodland Park, Penrose, Monument, and Falcon.

Again, some changes to the designed websites list!

I just realized that I have a lot more websites to add to the ol' portfolio on the left there. Check 'em out!

Pedigree Compiler Update!
Click here for 3.3 version update!

Also, I snazzed up the site a bit.

6/11/07: Updates!
Made some updates to the site, including purchase options for the Pedigree Compiler, updated rates, and new contact info!

9/28/04: I've added actual navigational links to a menu on the left so this site is more than just a glorified method of sending me an e-mail. Swiftbow.com is my personal website, which is hosted on the same server. You can take a look at some of the things I get up to that I've posted up.
Also putting in some links to other sites I've built so people looking for a potential web designer won't look at my site and laugh. (I really do need to spend more time on this thing)
Anyways, Enjoy!

Serving the Colorado Springs Westside (and all over the city!) since 2004!
Contact the Techno Guy at Travers@technoguycomputers.com